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Extreme Appliance Repair- Laundry RoomLoad after load, day after day, your washing machine plods along filling, agitating, rinsing, and spinning. One of the most used appliances in the average home, your washer puts up with a lot of wear and tear. So it's not terribly surprising that many washing machines eventually develop problems that require professional appliance repair service. When your washing machine starts acting up, don't just throw in the towel. Call Extreme Appliance Repair instead. Serving the washer-dryer repair needs of south-Houston homeowners since 2001, our professionals are available to resolve practically any washing machine repair issue. Rather than letting all your laundry pile up or suffering through weekly trips to the laundromat, bring in our professionals for precision, affordable washing machine repairs and get your washer back to performing its best again fast.

Washing machines are deceptively complex appliances. They may look simple from the outside, but their mechanisms are really quite complicated. With an intricate series of selectors and knobs controlling everything from agitation speed to fill level to cycle lengths, your washer has a full range of parts that may need service. At Extreme Appliance Repair, our pros can inspect your appliance to pinpoint the exact cause of your washing machine repair needs. With precision diagnostics and professional washer repair services, we'll get the job done right the first time. So instead of trying to tackle your washing machines repairs yourself and making the problem worse or just failing to fix the appropriate part, leave it to our pros. Extreme Appliance Repair will return your washing machine to great working condition completely, quickly, and affordably!

Extreme Appliance Repair can resolve a variety of washer and dryer problems both large and small. Call us today if your washer:

  • Is leaking
  • Isn't starting
  • Is not spinning
  • Isn't filling or draining properly
  • Is not agitating
  • Is making worrisome noises

Our team provides washing machines repair for a full range of brands, making us your convenient choice for one-stop Maytag or GE washing machine repairs. From water pump replacement to lid switch repairs to belt adjustments, we have all of your washer repair needs covered!

Many customers are initially concerned about the high cost of washer and dryer repairs, but with Extreme Appliance Repair, you don't have to worry. We offer fair, upfront pricing for all of our appliance repair services, so you can count on us for cost-effective answers for your washing machine problems. In fact, we even waive the service fee when we perform a repair. Buying a new washer costs far more than getting effective washing machine repair services from our pros, so instead of rushing out to the store when your washer starts leaking or stops spinning, give us a call. We're your answer for quality washer-dryer repairs in Houston and prices that won't break the bank.

Extreme Appliance Repair specializes in residential appliance repair. However, in addition to working with homeowners, we are available to service residential appliance models installed at businesses.

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