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Laundry appliances are among the most used—and abused—appliances in your home. From constant use to extra wear and tear from oversized loads, it's no wonder that even the best dryers sometimes break down. If you've discovered that your dryer isn't working its best any longer, Extreme Appliance Repair can help. We offer full-service washer-dryer repairs for homeowners in and around Houston, and our professionals are ready to diagnose and service your ailing dryer. No matter the cause of the problem, our team is your solution for dryer repair. Get started by calling or sending us an e-mail today.

Extreme Appliance Repair- Working on a DryerNot sure if your dryer really needs repairs? Here are some common signs that it's time to call in the dryer repair professionals:

If you've noticed these problems, or any other indications that your dryer might need the attention of an appliance repair expert, feel free to contact Extreme Appliance Repair. Our team is committed to providing you with accurate troubleshooting and repairs, so we'll investigate the source of your dryer repair issue and then implement effective solutions. We work on virtually all washer and dryer repair projects for most brands, making us your answer whether you need Maytag dryer repair or GE dryer repair. From replacing damaged thermostats to removing lint buildup and more, Extreme Appliance Repair has the knowledge to locate the cause of your dryer's problems and the tools and skill to fix them.

Malfunctioning dryers are not only annoying; they can also lead to safety problems. If you're concerned that your dryer is not working properly anymore, you should also be concerned about potential hazards like gas leaks or fires, so don't wait to have our washer-dryer repair team take a look. At Extreme Appliance Repair, our professionals have more than a decade of experience with all types of electric and gas dryer repairs, and we will get your repairs done properly and safely. Instead of risking making the problem worse by attempting to fix the problem with a dryer repair manual in hand, skip the DIY dryer repairs and leave it to us. Extreme Appliance Repair is the expert with the hands-on knowledge and expertise for precision dryer repair service.

And with our affordable pricing, we can make certain your washer and dryer repairs cost far less than just buying a new dryer. Extreme Appliance Repair waives the service fee with every completed repair, and with our cost-effective repair rates and upfront pricing, you'll know what our dryer repair services will cost right from the very beginning. Don't waste money purchasing a new dryer when yours starts acting up: we're here to save you a bundle with effective, affordable, on-time dryer repairs.

Although Extreme Appliance Repair specializes in appliance repair for homeowners, we're also available to service residential dryer models installed in commercial settings. For more information, please give us a call today!

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