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Services Offered

Need appliance repairs? Then you need Extreme Appliance Repair. We specialize in residential appliance services from washing machine repair and refrigerator repair to oven repair and dryer repair. We even offer appliance installation services. Working to help Houston-area residents get the quality they need when it comes to their major household appliances, Extreme Appliance Repair is ready to make you our next satisfied customer. Contact us whenever you have a broken or malfunctioning appliance on your hands!

Professional Technicians

Extreme Appliance Repair- Working on FridgeWhen you call Extreme Appliance Repair, your oven, fridge, dryer, and other repairs will be in the hands of true professionals. We've been in the appliance repair business for more than a decade, and we've dealt with just about every problem large and small in that time. Our experts stay on top of the latest information by attending continuing education courses, and we're even qualified to work on many of the newer "green" appliance technologies. At Extreme Appliance Repair, we specialize in expert diagnostics and repairs to locate the root of your washing machine or dishwasher problem and completely resolve it. So when you want the job done right the first time, you know who to call: Extreme Appliance Repair is here to serve you.

Remember: while some appliance repairs aren't inherently tricky, it's typically best to leave all appliance services in the hands of professionals. That's because jobs like oven repair or dryer repair can result in dangerous situations if not handled correctly. In fact, repair attempts on all types of appliances can lead to damage and unresolved issues if not handled properly. Extreme Appliance Repair takes the time to ensure all refrigerator repair, washer repair, and other services are done safely and completely, and we make certain the issue is resolved before we call any appliance repair job complete. Don't risk it with DIY repairs—let our experts protect you and your appliances with precision appliance repairs at a great price.

Affordable Pricing

Fixing your malfunctioning appliances shouldn't have to break the bank. That's why at Extreme Appliance Repair, we're proud to offer reasonable, fair pricing for services from washer repair to dishwasher repair. We work efficiently and effectively to minimize labor charges, and because we waive the service call fee with every finished repair, we make certain your appliance repairs are completed as affordably as possible. Don't spend an arm and a leg: contact Extreme Appliance Repair for cost-effective appliance repair services in Houston.

Prompt Appliance Repair Services

Extreme Appliance Repair- Kitchen Appliances

When your stove has broken down or your refrigerator is starting to make strange noises, we understand that time may not be a luxury you have. At Extreme Appliance Repair, we provide punctual, prompt appliance repair services, so you can get the repairs you need, when you need them. From washing machine repair to refrigeration repair, our professionals will be there to resolve the problem ASAP. In fact, we even have emergency services available for repairs that can't wait another moment. So instead of just dealing with an appliance that's on the fritz, get the problem taken care of once and for all. Extreme Appliance Repair is here to get your appliances fixed on your schedule!

Quality Guarantees

Instead of leaving you high and dry, Extreme Appliance Repair guarantees all of our work! While the precise guarantees vary by part and appliance, our professionals stand behind our quality whether it's a minor washer repair or a major refrigeration repair. We put our decade-plus of experience to work on every repair, and with our first-class appliance repair parts, we make certain you get nothing but the best when it comes to your appliance repair services. Don't settle for anything less. Call today to get started and get the guarantees you deserve.

Appliance Repairs for Nearly All Makes & Models

While some appliance repair companies only work on a limited number of appliance brands, Extreme Appliance Repair makes it more convenient for you by servicing virtually all makes and models. Whether you require Maytag washing machine repair or GE refrigerator repair, our professionals are here to help. We provide Houston-area homeowners with major appliance repair services for brands including:

Have questions about whether we're available to handle your dishwasher or oven repair? Just give us a call or send us an e-mail and we'll answer any questions you may have.